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PETROGAV INTERNATIONAL a Globally Recognized Provider of Oil and Gas Training Courses for Employment in Oil and Gas Industry has selected 105 companies that perform activities in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies, Oil and Gas Service Companies where you may apply for a job. After you apply to our courses, you will receive a complete list with companies where you may apply for a job.

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Companies

Oil and gas exploration encompasses the processes and methods involved in locating potential sites for oil and gas drilling and extraction. Geophysical techniques used for petroleum exploration utilize equipment to measure such things as: electrical currents, gravitational and magnetic anomalies, heat flow, geochemical relationships, and density variations from deep within the earth. Surface exploration methods includes: geological, geochemical, geobotanical, photogeology & remote sensing. Subsurface exploration methods include: gravity, magnetic, electrical, self-potential, telluric current, magnetotelluric, resistivity, induced potential, electromagnetic, seismic. Oil and gas production is a multi-stage entire process of discovering a resource, transporting it to a refinery, and turning it into a finished product ready for sale.

Oil and Gas Recruitment Agencies

A recruitment agency is a business that is hired by companies and organisations to find suitable employees. Employers outsource recruitment because it takes a lot of resources and not everyone has the expertise to find and recruit the best talent themselves. Recruitment agencies work on behalf of an organization to help fill open positions with qualified candidates, including sourcing and vetting individuals and presenting top talent to hiring managers. When you use a recruitment agency, you gain access to their knowledge of salary rates, available skill sets, career development expectations, contract support, current hiring complexities, and even market trends in your sector, which you may otherwise have never known about.

Oil and Gas Service Companies

In general service companies are engaged in the manufacturing, repair and maintenance of equipment used in oil extraction and transportation. The oil and gas industry is broken down into three segments: upstream, midstream, and downstream. Upstream, or exploration and production (E&P) companies, find reservoirs and drill oil and gas wells. Midstream companies are responsible for transportation from the wells to refineries.

#105. Welltec

Company website Statistici Trafic

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